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China supplier RCW Series Winch Drive Planetary Gearbox Replace Brevini Riduttori for Hydraulic and Motor RCW908 RCW910 RCW913 with Free Design Custom

Feature of RCW Series Winch Drive

The modern design concept adopts high-strength materials and tapered roller bearings to maximize performance. The first-class torque density can meet the highest standards at sea and sea. Perfect solution for mobile and fixed applications.

  • Heavy duty range features Eight sizes.
  • Marine-resistant paint
  • Up to 330,000 Nm FEM standard torque rating @25rpm
  •  tapered roller bearings
  •  suitable for hydraulic or electric motors
  • Spring applied/hydraulic release and multi-disc static brake

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China Good quality CTD Planetary Gearbox Wheel Drive Replacement of Brevini riduttori CTD1020 CTD2051 CTD2100 CTD3150 CTD3200 CTD3300 CTD3500 CTD3700 near me shop

Product Information of CTD Planetary Gearbox Wheel Drive

This swing wheel drive is fully interchangeable in performance and size with Brevini CWD, CTD, CTU, RX, and RF series wheel drive transmissions. This planetary drive is designed for hydraulic or electric self-propelled vehicles. They are available in various ratios to allow the power system to operate efficiently. Regardless of the type of machine, with tires up to 2.5 m in diameter and each wheel carrying 50 tons, the versatility of this range of planetary drives is achieved through a variety of braking systems (drum brakes, disc brakes, negative-acting multi-disc parking) to ensure braking). Thanks to the wide range of gear ratios, there is a solution for any type of transmission and application. A manual clutch system can separate the retarder from the motor for emergency towing.

Our planetary gearboxes are widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, light industry, and other fields. The products are supplied to domestic first-class heavy machinery manufacturers such as Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, and Xugong and cooperate with some military factories and research institutes.

A compact planetary track drive designed for crawling undercarriages with stabilizers, drilling, crushing, screening, and pile drivers. Solutions are also available for excavators and other types of crawler machinery. This series of gearboxes are designed to withstand big shocks and large radial and axial loads and is the most compact solution. Our transmissions feature an integrated multi-disc parking brake designed for direct mount hydraulic plug-in motors. Careful selection of materials and designs enables our track drive, CTD, and CTU products to be used in the harshest environmental work applications.

Feature of CTD Planetary Gearbox Wheel Drive

Planetary Travel Drive Reducer CTD CTU R1 FR RSF RFL RFD RX CWD Brevini Final Drive
Compact planetary track drive units, designed explicitly for crawled undercarriages, drilling, crushing, screening, and piling machines with stabilizers. Solutions are also available for excavators and other kinds of crawled machinery. This range of gearboxes is designed to withstand high impacts and significant radial and axial loads, making up the most compact solution.
Our gearboxes are provided with an integral multidisc parking brake and have been designed to mount hydraulic plug-in motors directly.
The careful choice of the materials and design allows our track drives, CTD, and CTU products to be used on the most severe environmental work applications.

• For equipment needing a low ratio, Brevini offers the CTD range of track drives. These Compact Track Drives are available in either 1 or two-stage gear reductions.
• For equipment needing high ratios, Brevini offers the CTU range with two- and three-stage gear reduction.
• The Compact Track Unit torque and load capacities will carry equipment over the roughest and steepest terrain.
• Our gearboxes have been designed to allow mounting of plug-in motors, virtually of any brand.
• Both the CTD and CTU models include integral multi-disc parking brakes while still keeping the drive compact
• Steel or high-impact (nodular/spheroidal) cast iron structure.
• Main bearings provided for high radial and axial load capacities
• Higher torque capacity is allowable through the careful selection of materials, heat treatment, and geometry of gearing
• Easy maintenance: filling and draining ports locations easy to reach.
• Front mechanical seal explicitly designed for this kind of application.

Application of CTD Planetary Gearbox Wheel Drive

Planetary Gearbox Wheel Drive Manufacturer

  • The custom design potential of drives optimized for your application
  • In-house engineering support – we manufacture our gears in the USA!
  • Prototype support to ensure the final product meets your needs
  • Comprehensive testing and production capabilities

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