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Dual worm slewing drive is a brand new slewing drive product, which consists of a shell, worm gear sleeve, worm, motor, and other components. Unlike a single worm, under the premise of the same shape and size, a dual worm slewing drive has a compact structure history, better load capacity, and much more output torque than a single worm slewing drive. Compared with a single worm slewing drive, a dual worm slewing drive still has the characteristics of modularization, safety, and simplified clamp design.

In this device, 2 worms are used to drive the external ring gear of the slewing ring. The inner circle is fixed above the seat ring of the base, and the first shaft shell and the second shaft shell are symmetrically arranged on the outer side of the seat ring of the ground. The axis lines are perpendicular to each other in space; the first worm is installed in the first shaft housing; the second worm is installed in the second shaft housing. The first worm and the second worm are both meshed with the outer gear ring. The translational forces of the 2 worms offset each other. At the same time, the gap between the worm and the outer ring gear can be “eliminated” to achieve precise positioning of the rotation angle of the external ring gear. The dual-worm slewing drive has a simple structure and practical design and can be widely used in engineering machinery, construction machinery, solar photovoltaic, and other industries.

Key Features

  •  Hour-glass worm for competitive gear contact and life and static load capacity
  •  Multiple precision levels: variable backlash for customizable positioning accuracy
  •  13 distinct size offerings, up to 25″ bearing diameter
  •  Standard sealing and grease fill
  •  Ideal for dust and debris-prone environments
  •  Commonly customized
  •  Critical applications: Drilling Machinery, Precision Positioning

Performance Parameters

Front View Top View


Output torque Tilting moment torque Holding torque Axial load Radial load Ratio Backlash Weight
输出转矩 倾覆力矩 保持力矩 轴向承载力 径向承载力 速比 精度 重量
16.2 kN.m 71.2 kN.m 74 kN.m 956 KN 363 KN 86:1 <= 0.17 ° 90Kg
11956 Lbf.ft 62600 Lbf.ft 54600 Lbf.ft 216900 Lbf 81600 Lbf

Double Worm Slewing Drive Application:

1. Heavy duty flat transport truck

Compared with the single worm slewing drive, the double worm slewing drive is more suitable for the steering device of the heavy cargo heavy haul truck with more significant tonnage. It has been proved that when the single worm slewing drive is used in heavy equipment with large cargo, it will produce jitter and noise. The casing is distorted, and even the worm is broken. Therefore, this particular slewing drive has become a favorite product for the designers of heavy equipment.

2. Heavy lifting and aerial work area.

Adaptability to harsh working conditions and use conditions, especially in heavy lifting and heavy-duty aerial work, the double-row rotary drive is matched with the traditional slewing bearing, which makes the slewing mechanism even more powerful. At the same time, it also provides several times the output torque higher than the conventional design. In the application field, where the load and torque are extremely demanding, the advantage of the single-worm rotary drive is gradually lost, and the double-worm rotary movement meets users’ needs.

3. Solar tracking system.

The solar tracking system is an important application field of slewing drive. Solar tracker slew drive as a rotating component can accurately adjust the main engine’s rotation angle and elevation angle according to the different sun positions in the day. Comparing the maintenance characteristics of a single worm slewing drive and dual worm axis slewing drive, as well as the increased power generation rate, if the latitude is less than 30 degrees, it is suitable to adopt a single worm slewing drive. If the space is above 35 degrees, it is appropriate to adopt a dual worm axis slewing drive.

4. Heavy-duty door lifting equipment use slewing drive.

5. Rotary table and mixer field use slewing drive.

6. Port mobile crane use slewing drive.

Custom Slewing Drives

HZPT provides its customers with a high-quality application-based slew drive product line. Sizes range from 7.5″ (200mm) up to 20″ (500mm) in ID. Standard hydraulic or electric motors rotate the drive-through standard worm shaft inputs and can be assembled upon customer request, depending on their application.

Our engineers are well equipped with the tools and technology necessary to work alongside our customers. We work to understand their applications, design requirements, project scope, and loads and help identify the most suitable products. We are ready to provide technical support and slew drive recommendations based on application requirements.

For over 3 decades, slewing rings and slew drives have proven their worth in the most varied application areas. We’ve been supplying products to many of our customers for decades. We’d love to have the opportunity to win you over with our technological competence, too!


1. What is the production process?

A: Production process including raw material cutting, machine processing, grinding, accessories cleaning, assembly, cleaning, stoving, oil coating, cover pressing, testing, and packaging.

2. How to control the product’s quality?

A: Combining advanced equipment and strict management, we provide a high standard and quality slewing drive for our customers worldwide.

3: How long is your delivery time?

A: If there is stock, it is within 7 days; if there is no stock, it is 25-45 days, depending on the quantity.

4. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We have our factory with 20 years of experience in slewing drive; our type is factory + trade.

5: What are your terms of payment?

A: Stocks goods,100% prepaid. If goods need to produce,30% prepaid and the balance paid before shipment. For big orders over 50000 USD, we can accept L/C At sight.

6. What is your MOQ?

A: For standard type, no MOQ. To produce goods, we need according to slewing drive type.

7. What is transportation?
A: Small quantity, by express, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. If large quantity, by sea or air.

8. Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, we provide OEM service, do as your size, packing, and other requirements.

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